What Is SEO

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization, is defined as the practice of optimizing on page structure and content to increase organic ranking for a specific website for the content on designated pages.  Whether you have ongoing SEO optimization in place or developing an on page optimization strategy takes a basic understanding of the basics. Developing the right system will help improve your search engine rankings.


Learn more about Digital Lead Generation

Digital Lead Generation

People will move through 60% of their buyer's journey before they are ready to talk to a sales representative. With this in mind, digital marketing offers a unique value to your business because it can effectively nurture leads that are not quite ready to speak with your sales team.  There are a variety of strategies and tactics available to businesses looking to generate leads digitally.  Connect with our team for more insight on what would work best for your needs.

Website Design for Digital Lead Generation

Website Design & User Experience

The modern business is expected to have an online presence, but beyond just 'being online' successful modern businesses have websites which clearly contribute to achieving business objectives.  Think of your company's website as an owned asset you are investing in. Take the time to find the right partner to create your website. Be sure your marketing partner set up your sit with purpose and best practices by.  This requires defining the goal of your website and optimizing for how visitors are going to use the site. These items are vital to creating a website that performs.  Art's Cube supports a variety of web hosting providers and platforms.  Our team can build a variety of websites, from simple to complex.  Not sure what kind of website your business needs?

“Traditional marketing has played it's course.  If your company doesn't utilize digital assets to reach your audience, you're behind.  We're ready to take your lead generation to the next level.”
Carson Schenk CMO/Partner